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The Window Room


The Window Room

One of the unique parts of the Hilltop experience is the Window Room, a place where we continue to grow!

What is the Window Room?

 Have you heard your child talk about theWindow Room?  The Window Room Support Program is a very important part of Hilltop Elementary!  From time to time we like to share a little information with parents about this program so that they will better understand what it is all about.  The Window Room is housed in a portable building on the south side of school.  It is staffed during school hours from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm each day.  Mrs. Beverly Gable is the frontline Window Room staff person during these hours.  Mrs. Bonnie Sheehan, our discipline specialist, also spends time in the Window Room, and finds it a great place to get acquainted with children she might not otherwise get to know.


 Students come to the Window Room for many reasons.  One of the important facts about the Window Room is that 90-95 percent of the visits are for a positive reason.  Classroom teachers typically monitor the flow of students to the Window Room because we stress to the children who come, “The Window Room is not a place to go to get out of doing the work of school.”  Sometimes students come to the Window Room to find a quieter place to work.  This may be because that individual needs quiet in his/her day, or it could possibly be because that student was being distracted, or beginning to distract someone else from the classroom activities.  Typically, a student who comes will settle into getting their work completed with that additional adult direction available to them in the Window Room.

Some students come to the Window Room to work out a problem.  Because teachers have many students at a time, it is not always possible to stop their teaching in order to help one student or even a few students work out a difficulty.  The Window Room is here to help with that situation.  In the process, our students are encouraged to take responsibility for working on their problem themselves.  If others are involved, they are encouraged to cooperate in order to find a workable solution.  During times like this, the Window Room staff become very important teachers for the development of good character, which is a part of everyone’s work here at Hilltop.

Sometimes a student is worried about something that might have happened and this is interfering with their ability to focus on school.  An example might be a child whose dog has died.  The Window Room staff can give the student time to talk about what happened, express feelings, and then help them regroup and get focused again so that when they return to the classroom they are better able to engage in learning again.  Sometimes a student goes to the Window Room because he or she is upset and needs a place to calm down.  Sometimes a student will go to the Window Room at recess because he or she has lost the privilege of going to the playground.  At a time like that, the Window Room becomes a consequence for misbehavior.

The majority of visits to the Window Room are student-choice during one of our recess times.  This option is very popular with many of our students.  Many love playing games with adults or friends, playing with toys, doing puzzles, or working on some art activity.  Some students don’t enjoy the playground, and find the Window Room a comfortable environment for recess and an easier place to make friends.

Because the Window Room is such a flexible program, we are able to support all our students and staff through the work we do.  We are very appreciative of the support we have enjoyed from our parents over many years, especially the PTSA organization.

Many of you may also know the Window Room as the location for Hilltop’s Extended Care Program.  Beverly Gable, one of our Window Room staff members, is the Director of the Extended Care Program.  Other Extended Care Staff are Deena Sheely-Torrescano, Jennifer Malloy, Leslie Malloy, and Stephanie Carvin.  These ladies have other duties during the school day as well.  This continuity and consistency of staff allows the Window Room and our Extended Care Facility to function as an integral part of our school and the important work we do here with our students.

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