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Building Our Caring Community

HILLTOP: Building Our Caring Community

At Hilltop we show care for ourselves and others in these ways.

Hallways and Walkways




Bus/Coming and Leaving School


Listen to directions from adults

Keep hands/body to self

Use quiet voices

Walk in line

Don’t laugh at others’ food choices

Use inside voices

Be friendly to other people

Keep your body to yourself

Don’t ask for others’ food

Respect others’ privacy

Use quiet voices.

Use appropriate language

Be respectful of other classrooms as you go by

Use polite words; do not swear

Follow the golden rule: “Treat others as you would like them to treat you.”

Be friendly

Follow the directions of the bus driver at all times

Use a quiet voice


Wait quietly, using patience

Use a pass in hallway

Stay on task, even when no one is watching

Walking in line, not playing

Empty tray into garbage and stack trays neatly

Wait quietly to be dismissed

Clean up messes/spills

Chew with mouth closed

Keep bathrooms clean (flush; turn off water; throw away towels)

Return to class promptly

Report problems to an adult right away

Be a friendly, polite spectator

Play fair (follow rules)

Ask others to do the right thing

No fighting

Stay in line

Keep track of your things

Keep the bus clean


Ask yourself, “Am I helping or hurting other people?”

Pause to allow passing

Greet others (“hello,” or silent wave)

Hands to self

Say “please” and “thank you”

Use good table manners

Don’t burp out loud, close your mouth and say, “excuse me.”

Be willing to help and/or get help for someone.

Use friendly, nice words

Include others in activities

If someone gets hurt, ask: “Are you OK?”

Ask others to play

Use kind, respectful words

Be helpful, as well as kind


Take turns with line jobs, allow others to do theirs

Carry the lunch tub safely with classmates

Stop and listen when you hear the whistle

Listen to and follow directions from adults

Help pick up and clean up, even if it’s not your mess

Give a polite reminder to someone not following guidelines

Take turns or share sinks, appropriately

Stay calm, even if you lose.

Remember the goal is to have FUN, not just win!

Say “good game” to others when you play.

Share your seat

Help younger riders


(Physical AND Emotional)

Hands, feet, and things to self; think about safety

Walk facing forward on right side of hallway.

Listen to adults and safety patrol

No play fighting

Eat only your own food

Keep hands/feet to self

Walk (don’t run)

Wait calmly in line (don’t push)

Inside voices

Wash hands

Wash hands

Keep feet on the floor

Walk on the blacktop (slow body down)

Keep your hands and feet to yourself

Don’t play in a rough way --others may get hurt

Look where you’re going

Stay seated

Keep hands/feet to self

Sit on your bottom and face forward


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