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Welcome to the Hilltop Library

The Hilltop Elementary Library is a warm and welcoming place where students are encouraged to explore and learn.

The Hilltop Library houses a diverse collection of books, eBooks, audiobooks, and other materials that reflect the interest and needs of our students, staff and community. In addition, the Hilltop Library supports the learning curriculum by providing resources and enhance learning.

The library program engages and encourages reading, learning and exploration. Our trained and knowledgeable staff are friendly and passionate about helping students learn and read. Never hesitate to contact the Hilltop Library staff with questions!

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Library Staff

Ms. Deborah Fournier

Librarian: Deborah Fournier
425-431-7604 (ext. 2682) 

Ms. Penny

Library Assistant: Penelope Wright

Libraries provide an open door



Reliable Sources

All above Images from IMLS The Day the Librarians Disappeared ebook