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Discipline Summary

We are fortunate to have Mrs. Bonnie Sheehan working at Hilltop again this year. She is helping out in many ways. Bonnie has had previous teaching certificates in Montana and North Dakota before moving to Washington with her family years ago. Bonnie enjoyed many years at Hilltop as a volunteer (her three daughters went to school here) before assisting as a para educator. She has done just about every job at Hilltop, including working in the Window Room where she has learned about and used many positive discipline techniques.

At the current time, we have over 550 students at Hilltop. Because of this, we have employed Mrs. Sheehan to assist with some of the minor discipline issues we encounter. If there are discipline issues in the classrooms or at recess that are not considered "severe", Mrs. Sheehan will work with the student to figure out better solutions, come up with an agreed upon consequence and place a call to the parents discussing the matter. Teachers are also informed of what occurred.

Discipline Summary

Our Character Education work serves as a foundation for discipline beliefs and procedures at Hilltop. We view interactions with students as opportunities to learn. We strive to give students a voice both inpidually and as a group. We "teach" specific expectations and provide rules and guidelines as needed. For example, under the umbrella of Respect and Responsibility, students learn about different virtues and expectations for behavior. These are reflected in the Lifelong Learning Skills that are part of the district reporting system which include: Respect, Responsibility, Reflection, Cooperation, Problem-solving/ Decision-making, and Independent Work Habits/Effort. Students will also learn to recognize various forms of bullying and the actions they can take when bullying occurs. There are numerous opportunities to discuss issues and concerns through class meetings, through the Peace and Justice Committee, and in the Window Room. We work hard to be respectful of our students. We encourage parent involvement and do our best to keep them informed.

Within state and district guidelines, we attempt to have consequences "fit" the behaviors as much as possible. With that in mind, the following are some general guidelines with regards to discipline.

  1. We ask the student to explain what happened.
  2. If there is disagreement, we attempt to talk with others to confirm, deny or add information.
  3. Further investigation if necessary.

Some consequences:

  • Discussion and verbal warning.
  • Redirection.
  • Time out at logical spot (for example, on the wall at recess, in the office, in the Window Room.)
  • Write-up given to classroom teacher from playground teacher.
  • Parent phone call.
  • Loss of recess or other privilege.
  • Alternative recess.
  • Referral to counselor or Window Room.
  • Referral to Principal for discussion.
  • Community Service - with approval from Principal.
  • In school suspension for continued/chronic lower level issues such as arguing during games or bothering others, and possibly for first offense minor physical altercations such as pushing.
  • Suspension in house or at home for physical fighting or chronic bullying/harassing.
  • Expulsion for weapons or firearms.

We believe students should respect all adults on campus and therefore encourage our staff to interact with and get to know all our students.

We encourage parent involvement and welcome phone calls with questions or concerns.


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